The art of experimentation, building independence through STEM


At Young Engineers Warwick, we believe that engineering is not just about creating solutions. It’s about the journey of experimentation. Our workshops are safe spaces where participants dive into the exciting world of trial and error, develop their hypothesis, gain independence and embrace the beauty of multiple perspectives.


No one right answer

In traditional educational settings, the emphasis is often placed on finding the one correct solution. However, in the real world of engineering, there isn’t always a singular right answer. We embrace this principle in our workshops. Where we encourage students to explore various ideas without the pressure of a definitive solution. This approach not only mirrors the realities of STEM fields but also cultivates a mindset of open-mindedness and creativity.


Break free from a copy-paste mentality

Copying answers or ideas from others may provide a quick solution, but it stifles the growth of independence and thinking in ways that solve problems. At Young Engineers Warwick, we discourage a copy-paste mentality. Our workshops instil a sense of ownership in each participant’s work, promoting the development of unique ideas and creative problem-solving skills. The focus is on the process, not just the end result.


A shift from competition to collaboration

In our workshops, we consciously foster an atmosphere where students aren’t pressured to compete with each other. Instead, they are encouraged to collaborate, share insights, and learn from one another. By removing the emphasis on competition, we create a supportive community where students feel comfortable exploring their individual strengths and ideas.


Independence and creative learning styles

Our unique approach not only promotes independence but also accommodates diverse learning styles. We understand that each participant has a distinctive way of absorbing information and solving problems. 

By acknowledging and nurturing these individual styles, we empower students to develop a creative approach to learning, as well as a love for exploration and discovery.


Young Engineers Warwick – breaking the mould of progress

To ensure the effectiveness of our workshops, we are constantly breaking the mould of progress. 

Through regular assessments, feedback sessions, and observing the evolution of students’ creative styles, we adapt our teaching methodologies to better serve their needs. It’s not just about teaching STEM. It’s about guiding each participant on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


At Young Engineers Warwick, we believe that engineering education should be a dynamic, engaging process that goes beyond the conventional idea of finding the right answer. 

By creating a safe space for experimentation, discouraging the copy-paste mentality, fostering collaboration, and breaking the mould of progress, we aim to instil in our participants the confidence to explore, innovate, and become independent thinkers in the vast world of STEM.


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