Building resilience brick by brick as a child, teacher, and parent

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Throughout the education and child development space, the concept of resilience weaves itself into every perspective. From the children themselves to their teachers and parents. Unraveling the threads that connect these viewpoints, and reflecting on our own journey’s we must explore how STEM learning – through our brick-building and play environments – act as a transformative force. Young Engineers is dedicated to lightening the pressures upon us all as well as nurturing resilience in the young minds of tomorrow.


1. Our child’s perspective

Discovering their joy of learning

For a child, the world is a huge playground of curiosity and wonder. Resilience is a natural byproduct, a valuable skill developed through play. Each click of our colourful bricks symbolises a small victory and a triumph over the challenges they face. 

With resilience rooted in the joy of discovery, the thrill of creating, and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles – your child is learning through doing and sometimes even learning without realising. Our model building play activities provide a safe space where mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks, enabling them to foster resilience as part of the joyful play journey.


2. Their teacher’s perspective

Cultivating growth mindsets

Teachers are often the architects of learning environments, shaping the educational landscapes that influence our child’s resilience. STEM learning through play allows teachers to guide students through challenges, encouraging them to view setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

Resilience, from a teacher’s viewpoint, is not just bouncing back but bouncing forward, and our STEM sessions provide a dynamic platform for cultivating growth mindsets. They transform classrooms into spaces where mistakes are embraced, perseverance is applauded, and resilience becomes an integral part of the learning process.\


3. Our perspective as parents

Nurturing independence and problem-solving

For us parents, witnessing our child’s journey towards resilience is both a source of pride and concern. Our STEM sessions give you a way as a parent to actively participate in this process. 

From a parent’s perspective, building resilience takes time and effort. How do we find the best ways to instil independence and problem-solving? The Young Engineers STEM learning sessions become a great tool for driving communication, creating a bridge between parent and child. Creating opportunities for conversations about the challenges and solutions they’ve faced, a well as building an understanding for the importance of resilience in both play and life.


Low stakes scenarios create the perfect environment for developing resilience

STEM learning through play emerges as a unique pressure-relieving catalyst in the development of resilience:

  1. Low-stakes environment

    STEM play creates a low-stakes environment where the fear of failure diminishes. Children, teachers, and parents can explore, experiment, and learn without the weight of judgment, promoting a positive relationship with challenges.

  2. Iterative problem-solving

    Building encourages iterative problem-solving. Each attempt, whether successful or not, contributes to the child’s understanding that setbacks are stepping stones towards improvement, instilling resilience as a natural response to challenges.

  3. Collaborative learning

    STEM play also fosters collaboration between children, teachers, and parents. In this shared experience, resilience is not an individual pursuit but a collaborative effort, building a support network that encourages perseverance and resilience.


STEM learning through play provides a dynamic and engaging route for children, teachers, and parents to embrace the journey of resilience. Through life and with the colourful bricks we use, challenges become opportunities, mistakes are celebrated, and the joy of discovery transforms the learning landscape. 

Let’s continue to build resilience brick by brick, nurturing a generation of young minds ready to face the complexities of tomorrow with creativity, confidence, and unwavering resilience.

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